Lifting Weights To Get Big

It’s Your Diet Stupid

The science of getting big begins with your diet. To build muscle mass takes more than just lifting weights but also eating the right types of food that will aid in your muscle growing goals. The first thing you need to work on is adding more protein to your diet. We suggest you get your protein from natural sources but supplementing post workout is an acceptable choice. Besides protein, you also need plenty of complex carbohydrates for fuel. If you eat healthy, lift and rest you will grow and be happy with your body.

Lift Heavy And Shutup

Keeping things simple is the best approach. You do not need a complicated workout plan, you just need one that will help you work the major muscle groups. We suggest doing mostly compound lifts versus isolation exercises. Even a classic MWF workout will work or a lower/upper body split would work. Just life heavy, rest and eat clean and you will get the results that you need. If you want more complicated than that your goals probably are not to get bigger. Keep it simple and put in the work week to week and grow.


Muscle are grown at rest and not when we lift weights. This might sounds weird but it is very much true. Muscles need time to heal and during times of rest your muscles do most of their growing. This is why you should not work the same muscle groups everyday. Your body needs time out and this time out will help you hit the gym much harder the next time you lift weights. So focus on rest as much as you focus on lifting and you will get the mass development that you want to have with your body.

As you can see, there are a few things that you need to do to get bigger. You will also see that it is simply but not easy. You simply need to go through the process. For the most part you just need to get started and stay started. Do not waste your time thinking about this but instead focus more time on lifting weights. More gym time and less time planning and learning. If you take this focus, then you will get bigger, stronger and the type of body you want. So get at it and get bigger.

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